As a nationally published makeup artist and the creator for Durham College’s Makeup & Corrective Techniques Program, I bring extensive knowledge and a team of experts to help you look glowy, fresh and stunning on your wedding day.

By the way…..

I’m not a youtuber. I’m not insta-famous and I don’t have a cookie-cutter template for applying makeup, so everyone looks different once I’m done.

I know the trends and often don’t participate.


Because I believe that classic, custom designed beauty never goes out of style and that inspires me.

Beauty that will be outdated by tomorrow? Is fun until the next trend determines you’re out of date.

For most of my makeup artist friends, I’ve gone ‘Rogue’ and maybe I have…but I get ‘lit-up’ helping women see their true beauty, often for the first time.

It’s easy to get swept in the Instagram whirlwind of contouring ‘to-tha-gods’, the trend of flawless transformation and eyebrows that touch the ceiling. I love admiring it and it is definitely art, but I don’t want women to leave my chair ‘thinking’ that transformation is something they ‘need’.

Do you want to look like someone else on your wedding day? If so, I might not be the right fit for you. 

If you want to look like a ‘refreshed’ version of yourself, I’m excited and here to be of service. I work with women that want to look a little more glamours then they normally do. A woman that wants to enter the room as herself completely. Instead of her overdrawn eyebrows entering before she does.

Is that you?

I believe that before and after transformation puts way too much pressure on women of all ages to be an air brushed perfect face. Your personal style transcends all other trends. My job isn’t to transform you, my job is to make sure your fiance, friends and family recognize you as you walk down the aisle to the one you love. By highlighting the God given features that already make you beautiful, then my job is done.

Do you think we'd be a good fit? Why not drop me a line with any questions you might have about choosing your wedding hair and make up design?!