Step by Step Makeup Lesson JUNE 9th, 2019

Step by Step Makeup Lesson JUNE 9th, 2019

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By providing makeup services for hundreds of women and past brides in the last 20 years, one thing I’ve noticed is that my clients frequently had multiple makeup questions and often requested makeup lessons. Armed with all their makeup, they'd often bring their Mom's and besties with them. 

I had a great time during every session, but it’s starting to get difficult to take the time book so many private lessons.

I wanted to create an event that allowed me to help more women at a time, so I created, the Beauty of Makeup. A step by step, hands-on workshop for women interested in customized guidance on how to update their makeup look.

During this event, you’ll learn:

  • Beginner highlight and contour techniques without looking over done.

  • Everything eyeshadow related.

  • How to use liquid and pencil eyeliner.

  • My ‘smooth skin’ foundation techniques.

  • How to pick the best foundation shade for you.

  • Blush placement and long lasting colour.

  • Smooth makeup tips for mature skin.

  • How to use and choose the right concealer without looking cakey or ashy.

After this workshop, you'll have a personal strategy of what to do every time you apply your makeup. Best of all? I'll make it simple and duplicatable for you. 

TIME: 1:00pm - 3:30pm


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  • I have all these products, but I don't know how to use them!

  • As I age, I'm realizing that my makeup needs are changing but I don't really know how to transition to something new.

  • I spend time applying my makeup but it seems to disappear before lunch!

  • I love makeup, but I need more guidance on how I can update my look.

  • I don't know what I'm doing, so I don't wear makeup.

  • I’m going back to work after mat leave and I feel out of the loop.  

Our Beauty of Makeup Series was created to help you overcome these challenges and have your answer answered in an unbiased and supportive environment.


  • You are a makeup 'expert' that 'slays' her own makeup. Because we're taking it slow, you might find the session not moving quickly enough. If you feel your quite advanced, lets book a private lesson customized and level-up to your artistry skills. 

  • Someone with special needs. A private lesson customized for you would be best so we can move at your pace. 

  • Ladies under the age of 18 years old. e'll be talking a-lot about skin and makeup concerns that haven't hit this age group, we can customize a makeup lesson for you and a group of friends on a date that works best for you! 

Now imagine, starting your morning and opening your makeup bag with all the RIGHT shades and product textures just for you!

IMAGINE what it would feel like knowing step by step what to do to create a makeup look you feel confident wearing?

WHAT IF I could give you a simple game plan on how to apply your makeup so that it works best for YOUR features and skin type?

WHAT IF you had the right products to make your skin look glowing and refreshed?

WHAT IF you had no pressure to erase fine lines, no pressure to look younger or live up to an unattainable definition of beauty?

Guess what?

All of that is possible and much more!

No question is to crazy, no skin issue is too difficult, no skin tone is too hard for us to foundation match!

Whatever your concern about your makeup, your questions will be answered during this hands on event!