Earlier this summer I was asked by a client how long I've been a makeup artist. After tallying the years I answered: "20". 

She was in disbelief! And actually so was I. Although it wasn't a surprise to me, I think I hadn't fully taken in what it meant until that very moment. I'm more likely to celebrate your accomplishments than my own,and if you have nothing to celebrate, I'll makeone up! I guess I'm a bit more low key. =) But on November 20th, I'm taking the time with close friends, colleagues and past clients to get excited about this milestone!

In celebration, I'll be launching my first collection of lipsticks called TWENTY. With proceeds of the lipstick sales going to a wonderful charity called SafeHope Home.

Here is more about SafeHope Home in their own words:

"SafeHope Home provides long-term housing and programs that help local women escape human trafficking within the Durham Region. This is a very real issue and SafeHope Home is currently running programs for young women in need of housing and services."

Escalating real estate prices has been a big hurdle for them that we hope to overcome with the help of the Durham community. And would love for you to get involved on social media or financially on the website.

These types of recovery programs are currently something that Ontario does not have in their efforts to rescue women from exploitation and you can learn about the comprehensive programming here if you'd like to know more visit:

I'm super grateful for the sponsors of this amazing event:

DJ for the evening will be: Evolved Entertainment
Florist is C.a. Barnes
Graphic Designer Sixth Workshop
Photography sponsors are Stephanie Scott Jukes &Neddy Nyce
Gold Sponsor Harmony BMS
And last but not least....PR Strategist / Wonderwoman Wendy Vincent