Master Makeup Artist & Master Hairstylist

  Janine - Master Makeup Artist &  Hairstylist

 I've loved weddings in general, since I was a kid. I think working with brides is a very personal thing and it really is an art to know how to be there for them.  Its such a privilege to witness a bride's vision of how she wants to look come alive before your eyes.  

My best bridal beauty tip?  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  There is so much going on leading up to a wedding that the bride will forget to take care of themselves.  In order for me to make them look their best,  they need to meeting me half way by taking care of their skin and hair.  They can do this by using appropriate moisturizers and conditioners.  Also hydrating, plump up the skin and prep it for makeup.  Ladies drink at least 8 cups of H20 per day.  

How long have you been a hair stylist /makeup artist? I have been a Makeup Artist for over 15 years and a Hairstylist for over 12!


Makeup Artist & Hairstylist 

  Cassandra - Makeup Artist & Hairstylist  

 What I love about working with brides is, I love getting caught up in the excitement. A wedding day is one of the most important and exciting days for a bride. I love that they  trust me to help make them look their absolute best.

A tip I like to give my brides for pre wedding day prep is, for makeup drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated; for hair do not use any conditioner the day before you get your hair done, the curls will hold better.

How long have you been a makeup artist? I have been an artist and stylist for 6 years !



Master Hairstylist

  Katie - Master Hairstylist

What I love most about working with brides? I love how the wedding day feels like a big slumber party. It's amazing to be around the excited energy of the bride and her closest friends and family while they get all dolled up. It doesn't feel like work when you get to help to make someones vision for their big day become a reality and have fun conversations while doing it. 

 In the months leading up to the big day, I recommend that a bride keep her hair in tiptop shape by trimming regularly (every 6 weeks during the engagement, and about 2 weeks before the wedding) and introducing a moisturizing treatment into her routine weekly. This will ensure maximum length for whatever hairstyle she chooses, as well as strength for all the curling, teasing, spraying and pinning the hair will go through. 

 I have been in the beauty industry for 7 years



Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

  Maggie - Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist 

 I love working with different people, I'm always very honoured to be a part of someone big day and I'm genuinely happy for all my brides! Working with brides makes me feel like I've made a new friend, even if I only work with them for their wedding day! And seeing a brides face light up after their transformation is priceless! 

What is your best bridal beauty tip? Wash your hair the day before, instead of the day of. The natural oils will help your hair hold better! 

How long have you been an artist? Over 10+ years and loving it!


 Master Makeup Artist

Natalie Headshot.jpg

My first priority is always the client. If I arrive on time in my eyes I'm late! Forever the early bird, my ability to make clients feel like a long lost friend is what keeps me loving my job. Seeing how happy my client is after the transformation is my favourite part of working with brides. 

My best pre wedding beauty tip? Get some sleep the night before and easy on the alcohol. doing both dehydrates the skin causing a slight dehydrated surface on the wedding day, 

How long have you been a makeup artist? Its been 15 amazing years! 



Master Airbrush Makeup Artist

 I love getting to be a part of special moments. The arrival the flowers, the note sent from the groom, the brides expression when she see's her makeup and hair completed. All of the love and emotion...I am a sucker for that stuff. 

My best pre-wedding beauty tip? Drink a lot of water and exfoliate the skin the week of the wedding. Keeping the skin hydrated and smooth with have her makeup looking luscious and natural for the the entire day. 

How long have you been a makeup artist? 2006 is when the magic began.


Master Airbrush Makeup Artist

There is a glow that a woman carries on her wedding day, one that never returns. The happy adrenaline that makes her since glow from the inside out, no makeup application could ever duplicate. I love seeing that. I love feeling her happiness. I love watching her with her mom, aunt, sisters, friends get teary eyed over thoughts, stories and the big reveal. 

My best wedding day tip would be to surround yourself with the people that know you the best. The ones that know how to calm you down, make you laugh and tell you when to sit down!